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Deep Space Sparkle Tutorials

Draw & Color Chalk Sunflowers

Faber-Castell and Deep Space Sparkle collaborated to create these beautiful Chalk Sunflowers. Only 3 supplies necessary - white school glue, Faber-Castell pastels and black paper.
Romero Britto Inspired Pop Art Hearts. The perfect lesson plan for Valentine's Day or any other day. Children will love to learn how to draw Pop Art Hearts. The lesson plan was created by Patty Palmer @deepspacesparkle.

How to Draw and Paint Sugar Skulls

Faber-Castell and Deep Space Sparkle partnered to show you how to draw and paint Sugar Skulls. Deep Space Sparkle created this tutorial video and uses Faber-Castell Oil Pastels and  Connector Paints to create fun and colorful Sugar Skulls.

Easy Watercolor Resist Fall Leaves

Learn the Resist technique using Faber-Castell Oil Pastels and Watercolor Paints to create colorful and vibrant leaves. This video was created by Deep Space Sparkle.

Color and Paint by Number Kits

Flashy red foil makes this T-Rex scene pop! Our guided art activities with whimsical graphics are printed separate from canvases to allow young artists to follow the guide or color in their own unique way.
Color in funny faces with 5 Faber-Castell Duo Tip Washable Markers (10 colors). Includes pre-printed illustration board (9" square), numbered color guide, foam display board, mounting tape and hang tab.

Do Art Sets

Do Art Outdoor Chalk Set

Create extraordinarily vibrant works of outdoor art. Learn how to use the landscape around you to create dimensional artwork, incorporating brick patterns, stones and grass.

Do Art Pottery Studio

Do Art Pottery Studio introduces children to the art and history of hand sculpted pottery. From pinch pots to clay figurines, this pottery wheel set will teach and inspire.

Tempera Paints

Bright colors and quick to dry, these tempera paints will brighten your day in a snap! Tempera paint can be used for just about everything from creating signs to cheer for your favorite team to making decorations for your room.
Create colorful sculptures with Faber-Castell Gluten-Free Modeling Clay. Easy to mold and blend - won't stain hands
Give the alphabet some flair by embellishing letters and words in fun ways. With the easy-to-follow instruction booklet, learn new writing styles including cursive and block lettering or create your own.

Hands on Crafts for Kids


Think of a story or action or a simple movement of two objects that can work for a thaumatrope and create your own animation.

Design a T-Shirt

Design a t-shirt with a theme that will indicate when you might wear it or what you are thinking about during an activity.  The t-shirt is your canvas and it will be fun to think about the whole shirt – front, back, sleeves and sides.


Design both front and back of the card that describes the specific information of when and where but also the fun or theme of the party.

Miniature Golf

Make your own miniature golf course, one hole at a time for those instances when you can’t be outside…use your imagination to make your course challenging and visually exciting.

Create Your Own Game Board

Use card stock, connector paints, markers and other art supplies to make a unique and creative game board.

3 Part Animals

What interesting creatures live in your imagination? You and friends can draw these images divided into three sections (head, body, legs) and then interchange them to create even more fascinating critters and creatures.

Garden Patch

Topiary animals, formal gardens and huge animals made of flowers by artist Jeff Koons are examples of visual forms related to plants. Create a garden patch that will be either of a geometric or an image design.

Pop-Up Scene

Create a pop-up scene that visually describes a character in a special place. Using a simple pop-up technique a background can be drawn to set the scene for the main character who will stand out.

Everyday Objects

Assemble a variety of common household items (small boxes, containers, loose beads, etc.) As an example: a robot made of containers, straws, odd bits of  hardware,  bottle caps, etc.

3D Art

Build 3D structures which have “facets” or surfaces which can be left alone or colored and treated.


Maps have been in use for centuries and are a visual guide to places unknown. The additional insets and decorations add more information as well as enhance the overall visual appeal.

Fine Art Gallery

Choose a theme and create several works of art of your own.  With parents help, choose a place to mount your exhibition and maybe have your own!

Watercolor Connector Paints

Super rich pigments fill these fun to use paint sets!  Select your color palette, then "click" them together.  Great for learning about warm and cool colors, color mixing and more!  Store neatly in the hard plastic case.

Connector Paint - Butterfly

The new Faber-Castell Connector paint box provides a fresh boost to water solubility: 12 or 24 rich and vivid colors, which offer excellent opacity and can be mixed together easily, provide an instant lesson in the science of colors while promoting natural creativity. The paint pans can also be plugged together and combined in playful ways.

GRIP Erasable Crayons

GRIP Erasable Crayons erase cleanly from paper. Simply remove the mark with the eraser included and continue creating!

Beeswax Crayons Vibrancy Experiment

Our Beeswax Crayons are perhaps amongst the most brilliant and vibrant crayons available.  See for yourself how bright the colors are - even on the darkest of papers!

Metallic Gel Sticks

Add metallic shimmer to all your art!  Faber-Castell Metallic Gel Sticks glide on to dark surfaces like magic!  Blend with water for a shimmer effect.  Or just add some dazzle to your art!

Painting with Faber-Castell Gel Sticks

Create painted masterpieces with Faber-Castell Gel Sticks.  These vibrant colors glide on smooth, then blend with water for a painterly effect.  Gel Sticks can also be used dry when lots of color is desired!

Do Art Travel Easel

Our Do Art Travel Easel is an all in one for creativity on the go!  With over 32 pieces of premium quality art materials including Eco Pencils, Beeswax Crayons, Markers, Chalk and accessories, the Travel Easel has everything you need for countless hours of creating.  When you've reached your destination, everything stores neatly inside and the easel collapses for easy portability.

Click and Go Brushes and Watercup

Perfect for traveling and on the go creativity, Faber-Castell's Click and Go series brings you portability in high quality, functional tools.

Do Art Texture Painting Set

All-inclusive young artist sets with an assortment of tools for metallic fun, drawing, coloring and painting. Experience the joy of creative artistic expression. This complete set has everything you need to experiment with color, texture, paint and patterns. Includes 5 colors of washable tempera paint, 5 texture tools, paint tray, and 20 sheets of paper. Plus, a fully illustrated instruction guide that includes paint mixing chart, tips and techniques.

Faber-Castell Do Art Block Printing

Learn the centuries old art form Block Printing!  Create colorful prints from your own drawings, or use the templates included.  Fully illustrated instructions are packed with ideas and inspiration to guide you.

Faber-Castell Connector Markers - Giraffe

Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect! Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Giraffe.

Boredom bugging you? Create a Lady Bug with Faber-Castell Connector Pens!

Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Lady Bug!

Create a Pteranodon with Faber-Castell Connector Pens

Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Pteranodon.

Blast Off - Create a Spaceship with Faber-Castell Connector Pens

Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Space Ship.

Create a Pirate Ship with Faber-Castell Connector Pens

Ahoy Matey's! Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Pirate Ship.

Create an Owl with Faber-Castell Connector Pens

Whoooo wants to be creative? Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Owl.

Create an Elephant with Faber-Castell Connector Pens

Don't forget to be creative! Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Elephant.

Create a Scorpion with Faber-Castell Connector Pens

Take the sting out of boredom. Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional Scorpion.

Create a Dragonfly with Faber-Castell Connector Pens

Draw, Color, Cut Out and Connect!  Using Faber-Castell Connector Pens and your drawings create a dimensional dragonfly.

The spinning GRIP pencil by Faber-Castell

GRIP 2001 - "The World's Most Awarded Pencils"

Pencil Break Test - Faber Castell

Extraordinary quality test proves break resistance of Faber-Castell pencils: To prove the break resistance of the classic dark green CASTELL pencils, the head of the company, Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, invited the press to the courtyard of the Faber-Castell Castle in Stein near Nuremberg, climbed up the 25 m high castle tower and threw several handfuls of pencils down at the feet of the baffled journalists.

Faber-Castell Advent Calendar App

It's wintertime, snowflakes are dancing in the air, and the anticipation of Christmas is growing. Everyday from December 1st until Christmas Eve, one of 24 little surprises in the cozy tower room of our castle is waiting to be discovered by young and older children. Among the surprises are 5 strictly confidential Christmas tutorials for making things with paper, color pencils, and scissors. As with our other APP (CREATIVE KIDS) it's a lovingly hand-crafted APP. Just download the APP and be patient till December 1st, when you will be able to access the tower of the castle by clicking on the window in the tower.

Creative Kids App

The free Creative Kids app by Faber-Castell uses technology to educate drawing techniques. Wiggling mice, giggling color ghosts and creepy crawlies all come to life on screen! The app gives children over six a step-by-step method for creating their own animations and moving images using color pencils, paper and a tablet computer.

Faber-Castell's ink is so safe, you can drink it!

Watch as Count Faber-Castell drinks Faber-Castell ink in order to prove how safe it is.