Coloring Techniques

Shading, blending and other techniques can be used to enhance your coloring pages. These techniques will work well with POLYCHROMOS colored pencils and ART GRIP Aquarelles (watercolor pencils).

Intense Color:

Techniques for adult coloring

To create blocks of intense color, hold the pencil in an almost
vertical position and press down hard on the paper.


Shading techniques with colored pencils

To color an area evenly, hold the pencil at a very shallow angle, and
only press down lightly on the paper. The structure of the paper will be
visible, while individual strokes will not.

Hatching and Cross-Hatching:

Techniques for adult coloring

Drawing many lines alongside each other will create an area of
color, which can be intensified by repeatedly overlaying lines at
different angles.

Light to Dark

Techniques for adult coloring

Light colors are transparent, while dark colors provide coverage.
Superimposing layers of color increases the brilliance and vividness
of the colors.
Faber-Castell POLYCHROMOS colored pencils